About Lash Extensions

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What is an eyelash extension?

An eyelash extension is a single synthetic hair that’s shaped with a curl using a small amount of safe odorless surgical adhesive. There’s no contact with the skin.

What can I expect during the appointment?

Clients are tucked under a cozy blanket and reclined on a comfortable massage table. With eyes closed for the whole procedure. Most clients fall asleep and awake with fuller lashes that instantly yield a groomed, polished look ­ eliminating the need for eyeliner and mascara.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

For best results, arrive on time. Please no eye makeup and ensure lashes are free of mascara residue before any lash appointment. Oil and glycolic-­based products might cause extensions to fall out prematurely, use with caution. Avoid getting eyes wet the first 24 hours after any lash service.

What measures do you take to ensure a hygienic environment?

99% of the implements are disposable, such as the microfiber brushes, surgical tape, eye pads and mascara wands. And the professional tweezers are soaked in hospital­ grade disinfectant prior to use. Lash extensions are dispensed from an airtight container with a sterilized tweezer and extra lashes are thrown away at the end of the service, they are never re­used.

How durable are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are waterproof. Clients are able to swim, sweat, shower, cry, sleep and enjoy normal activity. Please always be gentle with them.

Is it ok to wear makeup w/ my extensions?

Yes. You can wear makeup as usual but if you must wear mascara, please only apply to the tips of the extensions and use an oil­free eye makeup remover. Avoid waterproof mascara.

How do you care for eyelash extensions?

Avoid getting the eyes wet within the first 24 hours after your session to allow the adhesive to properly cure. Handle the lashes with clean hands and always be gentle. Avoid applying creams and oils around the eye area. Use baby shampoo to cleanse the eye area at least once a week.

What if I want to discontinue my lash extensions?

Most clients will just wear the extensions until they eventually fall off. You can also book an appointment with me to get them professionally removed for a fee.

Do lash extensions harm my natural lashes?

No. Due to the care and precision during the application at Lady Lam the natural lashes remain normal and healthy. Please keep in mind that when/if clients choose to discontinue their lash extensions, it is a common perception to feel as though the natural lashes look thinner and shorter only because the client has been so accustomed to seeing greater volume and length from the extensions.

What color lashes are available?

Black is the standard color for lash extensions to create a noticeable look of fullness and length.

Are eyelash extensions for everyone?

Sadly, lash extensions are not for everyone. Some people are allergic to the lash adhesive. Also, those who have excessively curly lashes or super­fine hair might not be good candidates.

What’s the difference between classic and volume lash extensions?

At Lady Lam, classic extensions are applied individually one at a time to the natural lash itself using a diameter of .15, a moderate thickness that yields a polished, mascara-­like finish. Volume extensions are applied using multiple, ultra­thin, lightweight extensions that yields a fluffy, full bodies, mascara ­like finish.

What is a full set and a fill?

You’ll want to schedule a full set if you currently aren’t wearing extensions. A fill is what you book in order to maintain the extensions that you already have.

How should I schedule my lash appointment if I’m preparing for a special event such as a wedding?

Plan ahead by booking your first lash service at least two months prior to your special event to ensure you’re comfortable with the design, that it translates well in photos and most importantly, to ensure you’re not at risk for an allergic reaction from the glue. It’s rare, but it happens.

How often should I schedule a lash fill?

Based on the shedding cycle of human hair, please consider booking your refill every 3 weeks for optimal results.

What if I wait 4 or even 5 weeks before getting a fill?

The longer you wait, the more extensions will dwindle. I always try my best to perform services within the allotted time frame so waiting too long between fills might give you a less voluminous outcome. Plan ahead and plan accordingly to achieve the look you desire. If your extensions have emptied out significantly, then a full set is recommended.

How can I make my extensions last?

Natural lashes shed on a daily basis. Extensions will fall out more quickly if your lashes weren’t cleaned thoroughly prior to appointment. Also, oil and glycolic­ based products might cause extensions to fall out prematurely, use with caution.